Best Hair Straightening Brush 2022

When it comes to your morning hair routine, what are your essentials?

Naturally, you’ll have a hair dryer, brush/comb, and of course, the modern hair straightener ready to get your hair looking amazing. But there’s no denying that all this together becomes pretty time-consuming. And if you wake up late—forget it! There’s no way you’re getting the full hair experience in such short time…

At least not without the help of a hair straightening brush. These nifty little tools will save you countless minutes in your morning routine. And best of all, they provide a stylish and natural look to your hair. And best of all, these straighteners work great for everyone! Ladies, gentlemen, coarse hair, and fine hair—all hair types can join the fun here.

So what can go wrong? Well, not much—other than getting lost with the handful of options on the market. How can you find the best hair straightening brush for your hair? Some of the straighteners are fantastic for your specific hair. Others are duds that work for no hair types.

Thankfully, we did all the hard work for you. And after hours of hard work, we came across the best hair straightening brushes in the UK. So if you’re ready for some hair straightening brush reviews, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we find the right straightener for your hair.

Best Hair Straightening Brush

  • AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush
  • 7 Heat Settings - 120˚C to 230˚C.
  • Heat-up time - 1 minute
  • Plate Type - Ceramic
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Remington Straightening Brush
  • 3 Heat Settings - 150°C, 190°C and 230°C
  • Heat-up time - 30 seconds
  • Plate Type - Ceramic
  • 3 year guarantee
  • BaByliss Straightening Brush
  • 3 Heat settings - 180˚C, 190˚C and 200˚C.
  • Heat-up time - 40 seconds
  • Plate Type - Ceramic
  • 3 year guarantee
  • AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 2
  • 6 Heat Settings - 130˚C to 200˚C.
  • Heat-up time - 90 seconds
  • Plate Type - Ceramic
  • 1 year guarantee
  • DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush
  • 1 Heat Setting - 185°C
  • Heat-up time - 1 minute
  • Plate Type - Ceramic
  • 1 year guarantee
  • MiroPure Straightening Brush
  • 5 Heat Settings - 150℃ to 230℃
  • Heat-up time - 1 minute
  • Plate Type - Ceramic
  • 1 year guarantee
  • BearMoo Ionic Heated Straightener Brush
  • 5 Heat Settings - 150℃ to 230℃
  • Heat-up time - 1 minute
  • Plate Type - Ceramic
  • 1 year guarantee
Hair Straightening Brush

What is a Hair Straightening Brush?

Before we begin, let’s answer the big question on your mind—what exactly is a hair straightening brush?

Overall, the definition’s all in the name. If you want to brush your hair and straighten it at the same time, then this is the tool to do just that.

Another way to think of these nice little morning tools is as a hot brush you plug into any outlet. The brush heats in order to transform your wavy or curly mane into glossy, voluminous, natural-looking straight hair with minimal frizz.

Compared to the traditional flat iron, these straightening brushes will comb and flatten your hair in a much quicker period of time. And don’t worry about painful tugs—these brushes will glide smoothly and seamlessly through your hair.


Hair Straightening Brush Reviews

Now that we’ve affirmed these brushes add the perfect touch to any morning routine, it’s time for our reviews. We test-drove quite a few of these products to find the best hair straightening brush for you. As a whole, these were the best seven we could find. So read along and see which will straighten your hair best.

Best Hair Straightening Brush

Which Hair Straightening Brush is the Best?

And now we’ve reached the big question you’ve been asking this entire time! You read our hair straightening brush reviews thoroughly, right? Then you can make a pretty great decision. Just keep in mind that there’s no wrong answer here. Each of these heated hairbrushes works amazingly well. So it really comes down to making the right choice for your hair.

If you’re going for the fastest hair straightening experience on the market, you can’t go wrong with Remington’s model. With a quick speed up time and huge brush head, you’ll finish styling your hair in minutes.

But if customization is more your concern, then give BearMoo’s product a look. With a handful of different heat settings, you’ll find plenty of options to fit your hair type. And of course, finding a straightener for short hair and men’s hair is never easy. But AsaVea’s narrow hair straightener 3.0 is capable of just that. With a narrow head, straightening shorter hair is a breeze. By the same token, AsaVea is no slouch when it comes to offering great products. So, be sure to check out the wider model as well if you have longer hair. You can’t go wrong with salon-quality hair as an end result after use.

In contrast to the above straightening brushes, some of us like fewer options. You can’t argue with an easy to use product right? So with this in mind, the DAFNI hair straightening brush will offer you one of the most accessible brushes on the market with one heat setting—no need to risk damaging your hair with too much heat. And lastly, if your hair is long and you simply want a straightener that will flatten your hair and remove frizz, then give Miropure and BaByliss a quick look.

Hair Straightening Brush Buying Guide

How to Buy the Best Hair Straightening Brush

When shopping for the best hair straightening brush in the UK, you’ll find quite a few features to consider. Accordingly, we want to make this decision as easy as possible for you. So we compiled a list of some of the most popular features to check on a straightening brush. Thus, read along with us to see which specs you absolutely need for your morning routine.

Heat-up Time

Most hair straightener brushes will take no longer than a minute to reach full heat. But keep in mind that some work faster than others. So it’s not uncommon to find brushes that can reach 230 degrees-Celsius in a remarkable 30 seconds. Overall, if you’re looking to get your morning started quickly, be sure to quick this spec.

Temperature Settings

This feature is critical for your hair type. Typically, dyed hair and fine hair will require lower temperature settings. Meanwhile, stubborn, curly, and afro hair will require higher temperatures to straighten. As a whole, be sure to check which temperature will work best for your hair type—then ensure the straightening brush can reach that setting.

Ball-tipped bristles

These prevent tangles and snagging when you run the straightening brush through your hair. As a whole, they help style your hair as well—like an actual brush. And, indirectly, this feature often helps prevent contact between your scalp and heated parts of the straightening brush.

Ceramic Technology

This is the part of the brush that actually heats—hence the part that shapes your hair. Usually, you’ll find ceramic plates as well. These will add a nice shine to your hair and allow the brush to glide smoothly through your mane. Often times, ceramic pieces will get hot—so try to avoid touching them when the brush is in use.

LED Indicators

This feature works great for helping you see which settings you selected. Some products will even offer LED lights to inform you when the brush is fully heated and ready to use. Moreover, the LED indicators will let you know the brush is actually powered on—a great feature for those times you accidentally shut off your straightener when styling your hair.

Automatic Safety Shut-off

Here is a great overall safety feature. After a certain period of idle time (usually around an hour) the straightener will power off. This is nice for those times you accidentally leave your brush unattended.

Cord Length (Swivel Cord)

Swivel cords rotate on the brush. So, in other words, they cord swivels with your wrist to ensure the lead never gets in the way. As far as length goes, most cords extend to about 2 metres.


Usually, these range from 1-3 years. Be sure to check if registering online will increase the warranty.

How to Use a Hair Straightening Hair Brush

When you first use a hair straightening brush, you’ll want to follow a process to avoid any damage to your hair. But don’t worry, these brushes are pretty easy to use.

  • Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure your hair is dry.
  • Remove any knots or tangles from your hair before you use your straightening brush. These straighteners will not remove tangles—and if you try, problems will only ensue from there.
  • Apply a heat protection product if you prefer.
  • If you have longer hair, you’ll want to section the top part of your hair away from the lower layers.
  • Begin heating your iron. In order to find the right temperature, we recommend starting low and rising from there.
  • Then brush from root to tip—keep doing this with each section until it reaches the straightness you prefer—it will help if you start with lower layers.
  • Work your way to the upper layers following the same root to tip process.
  • Add any finishing product such as hairspray or spritz.
  • Add some volume to your hair by brushing under each layer—this one is your choice if you want that type of look.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Straightening Brushes Better for Your Hair?

Generally speaking, hair straightening brushes are better for your hair when compared to other types of straighteners. The main reason for this results from the bristles allowing minimal contact between your hair and the heated surface of the brush. So the end result is far less damage. As a result, straightening brushes tend to be better for daily use as well.

Can Straightening Brushes Be Used on Wet Hair?

Let’s start by saying: You won’t want to if you can avoid it. If your hair is wet after a shower, you risk some serious damage if you apply heat. Moreover, not every brush is intended to be used near water—so read the instructions carefully. Now, with all that said, you technically can use a straightening brush on damp hair—but be sure you fully understand the risks we mentioned above. And again, damp is the keyword here—if you opt for this choice, be sure you at least towel dry your hair beforehand.

Does a Straightening Brush Work on Black Hair/ Curly Hair/ Short Hair?

Yes to all of the above! As far as the first two go, you might need a higher heat setting. Also, don’t be afraid to brush through your hair a few more times to achieve the straightened look you’re going for. For short hair, you’ll find that narrow brush heads will work far more easily than larger heads.


Hair care products keep getting better and better. There’s no denying we’ve come a long way from the traditional flat irons. And today, it’s no stretch to say that hair straightening brushes will change the way you style your hair. Long gone are the days of accidental burns and skipping the morning routine from snoozing too long. In fact, hair straightening brushes truly have reshaped the beauty world. And if you’re ready to receive all these benefits, then feel free to rebrowse our hair straightening brush reviews. Moreover, carefully consider the features that matter for your hair. After carefully considering your choice, the hair of your dreams is waiting for you!

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