AsaVea Hair Straightener Straightening Brush Review

In the past, hair-straightening brushes struggled with styling shorter hairstyles. But the Asavea Hair Straightener Straightening Brush 3.0 is here to change that.

With a sleek and slim design, this is hands down the best hair straightening brush for short hair. The bristles might not be flexible like other brushes you’ll find. But honestly, this straightener will work with just about any type of hair longer than two inches. So if you’re working with a bob, or you’re a gentleman creating a dapper style, this is the brush for you! And don’t worry about too much about the size. With 23 ceramic heat pieces, you’ll still be flattening large pieces of hair just as well as any other straightening brush.

Another great thing about this iron is its overall interface. You really can’t go wrong with the basic three-button (plus, minus, power) design. Furthermore, you’ll find five LED lights to tell you which temperature you selected. And speaking of temperatures, you have your choice between six, ranging from 30 degrees to 200 degrees-Celsius. So whether your hair is sensitive and dyed or stubborn and curly, there’s an option here for you. Also, you won’t need to worry about waiting too long to get started, as this straightener only needs 90 seconds to reach full temperature.

One final nice feature of this straightener includes the anti-scald technology. With DuPont plastics, you won’t need to worry about those painful burns while straightening your hair.

And while we’re on the topic of wanted burns, AsaVea includes a 30 minute auto shut-off feature. So if you leave your brush unattended for 30 minutes, it will shut itself off for your safety.

If we were to gripe about anything, it would definitely be the power button. It’s positioned in such a way that we found ourselves accidentally pressing it while styling our hair. And even with the auto-lock feature, we still occasionally changed the temperature. After the power button, there’s the cord that just isn’t long enough. And lastly, during our tests, we found difficulty straightening the very ends of our hair–you’ll find that your hair kind of falls out of place. But honestly, these are pretty minor issues.


  • Perfect for short hair.
  • Slim design makes for easy styling and storage.


  • Non-flex bristles.
  • Power button is easy to accidentally press while using the brush.

Final Thoughts

Finding hair straighteners for short hair is no easy task. But the AsaVea Hair Straightener Straightening Brush 3.0 does a pretty solid job of straightening hair of all types—long and short alike. And who can argue with that attractive slim design? If you can work past some funky button placements, this can easily work as the best hair straightening brush in the UK for your hair.

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