5 Best Electric Shavers 2022

Do you need help finding best electric shaver to buy in 2022?

We know this struggle too well: You hear stellar reviews about a shaver. However, upon using the device, you notice leftover stubble and skin irritation. If that is not bad enough, these products become costly.

You may question whether or not spending £300 on your next razor will actually fix these problems, or waste more money.

Thankfully, We’re here to help! Read along, and we will help you find the best electric shaver in the UK for your hair and skin.

Do you have the coarsest of beard and an irritable face? No problem! How about fine facial hair? Still not an issue!

Join us: we will teach you which men’s electric shaver works best for your grooming needs and budget.

Top 5 Best Electric Shavers

  • Name
  • Price
  • Shaver Type
  • Wet & Dry
  • Shaving Time
  • Charging Time
  • Quick Charge
  • Warranty
Braun Series 9290CC Men's Electric Foil Shaver
  • Braun Series 9 9290cc
  • Foil
  • 50 min
  • 1 hour
  • 5 minutes quick-charge for one shave
  • 2 year
Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver
  • Philips S9211/12
  • Rotary
  • 50 min
  • 1 hour
  • 5 minutes quick-charge for one shave
  • 2 year
Braun Series 7 7898cc Electric Foil Shaver
  • Braun Series 7 7898cc
  • Foil
  • 50 min
  • 1 hour
  • 5 minutes quick-charge for one shave
  • 2 year
Panasonic ES-LV95 5-Blade Electric Shaver
  • Panasonic ES-LV95
  • Foil
  • 45 min
  • 1 hour
  • 5 minutes quick-charge for one shave
  • 2 Year
Philips Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver S7370/12
  • Philips S7370/12
  • Rotary
  • 50 min
  • 1 hour
  • 5 minutes quick-charge for one shave
  • 2 Year
Buying Guide

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Electric Shaver

Before we begin: Let’s discuss some of the most important features when buying a best electric shaver.

You might be wondering: “Can I just buy a universally strong razor?”

The answer lacks simplicity. While you certainly can buy the most powerful razor on the market, you will also spend extra money on features you will not need.

The perfect men’s electric razor varies by each individual. Someone with a thin beard and strong skin will benefit from a different device than a person with a thick beard who shaves infrequently.

So, how do you find the perfect electric shaver? Pay close attention to the following features:

Foil or Rotary Blades

When shopping for an electric razor what is the first thing you notice?

Most people immediately look at the blades. You will commonly see two types: foils and rotaries.

What is the difference between the two?

Let’s begin with foil razors. These heads present blades that move back and forth in two directions (also known as oscillations).

Anyone switching from manual razors will feel more familiar with foil blades. You will shave by moving the razor up and down, or left and right.

The razor usually forms to a rectangular shape. Why does this matter?

This means the blades will not cut along contours of your face (below your nose and chin) as well as a rotary blade.

On the other hand, foil blades provide a smoother and closer shave on larger areas of the face, such as the cheeks. Foil razors also produce more noise than rotary razors.

Where do foil razors work best?

You will notice these blades function great for fine hair, sensitive skin, straight hair, daily shaves, and fast cleaning. These also sculpt straight edges in sideburns and beards more smoothly than rotary blades.

So, what are rotary blades? These heads contain three circular razors. Usually, rotary blades bend more easily around the contours of your face.

This is great for sculpting hair below the nose and around the jawline. You will move your razor in a clockwise circular motion when shaving. This motion works for catching hairs growing in different directions.

Rotary razors also operate more quietly than foil razors. However, manually brushing hairs from between rotary blades will require more time than the foil counterpart.

Wet and Dry Shaves

Do you remember the big rules of manual shaving? Think specifically about never applying a dry shave. If you ever tried it, you know you will not need sensitive skin to develop irritations and ingrown hairs.

However, electric shavers work a bit differently. Some will not allow you to apply any water or shave gels beforehand.

Is there any benefit to dry shaving? By skipping the moisturising process, you will receive a faster shave. Also, without gels or foams, you will not need to clean the products’ gunk from the blades.

Even better: Do you ever shave in your work bathroom before meetings or presentations? Then you will enjoy quick and non-messy process of a dry shave.

So, with so many benefits to dry shaving, why would you ever wet shave?

For starters, do you enjoy shaving in the shower? Remember, you will need a waterproof electric razor to use it under running water.

Wet shaves also help people with sensitive skin. You can apply shaving creams and gels to moisturise the face.

Here’s the deal: You will see no difference in shave closeness between wet and dry shaves. This is a matter of comfort and convenience. Account for your lifestyle and skin’s sensitivity when selecting a razor.

Beard Thickness

Here’s a topic most people overlook when shopping for a men’s electric razor. Most shavers will not advertise the best beard types for their products. However, DO NOT skip this step when finding a razor.

Why? Razors with less power will work great for people with fine facial hair. However, they will not always fully shave a coarse and thick beard.

On the flip side, people with thin beards may find too much power in electric shavers designed to cut thick beards.

Remember, you pay extra for this power. Do you really want to spend an extra £300 on a razor, when a shaver for 1/3 of the price will meet the needs of your medium to light beards?

Are you curious about how to determine your beard type? The answer is actually pretty easy. Does your stubble feel thick and dense? Do you need to shave three or more times a week? Then you likely have a thick beard.

Do you only need one or less shave a week? Does your beard grow patchy? If so, you might sport a light beard. A medium beard’s thickness and texture fall between the above two types.

Here’s some help if you have trouble determining your beard type: Always direct your decision toward the heavier thickness. Shavers that cut thick hair easily cut fine hair. However, electric razors designed for lighter shaves will not cut thick hair as easily.

Here is one final tip regarding beard types: Electric razors will struggle to cut full-grown beards. If you grew your beard too thick, remember to use a beard trimmer first. Otherwise, you will quickly dull your new blades.

Shaving Frequency

Here, the title says it all: How often do you shave? Generally speaking, rotary blades work best for infrequent shaves. Foil blades will help more with daily shaves.

Your shaving frequency also helps determine your beard type. If you need to shave daily to keep stubble to a minimum, you have a thick beard. Thick and dense relates to a thick beard.

If you shave about three times per week, check the texture of your beard. If it is thin and long, you have a medium beard.

Speed Settings

When purchasing electric shavers, you will notice two types of motors: linear drive and rotating.

So, are you wondering about the differences between these motors?

Linear drive motors operate at a constant speed—usually around 10,000 oscillations per minute. The shaver maintains this speed until its battery completely dies.

Sonic technology allows, even more, drives, which captures more hair. Rotating motors will operate at a slower speed. As the battery nears the end of its lifespan, the motor slows as well.

You might be wondering: is this the only place I should pay attention to speed? Not at all: you will also notice some razors allow you to set different speeds for cutting your hair.

Here’s the biggest tip with these razors: Slower speeds prevent sensitive skin from experiencing razor burn. Fast speeds work better for trimming thicker and coarser facial hair.

Number of Foils/ Blades

Here’s a question many of us wonder when shopping for electric razors: Do more blades make any form of difference in my shave?

The quick answer is yes. Most the time, the extra blades pull facial hair upward. This allows for the other blades to cut hair normally resting beneath the surface of your skin. In other words: More blades lead to a closer shave.

This sounds great so far, right? Note that more blades will not be the best option for sensitive skin. More blades contacting the skin results in more ingrown hairs and razor rashes from cutting the hair too short.

So, is all hope lost if you have sensitive skin and need a close shave? Not at all! Remember, you can mitigate skin problems by shaving with as few strokes as possible. Allowing your stubble to grow will also limit the razor’s contact with your skin

Pivoting Head

Pivoting heads allow for more skin contact. If you need a defined shave around your facial contours, look for this feature. Pivoting heads allow for easily cutting the hairs around the chin and jawline. If you like a particular angle, many razors include an option to lock the head at a pivot point.

Remember: tilting heads assist in gripping hair by the root. This is a great feature for a close shave. However, this cuts the hair short enough to irritate sensitive skin.

Charging and Shave Time

Do you need to shave on the go? You will be happy to learn that most shavers have abandoned cables in favour of battery power.

Most shavers today will require an hour of charging time. This usually allows for 45-50 min of shave time. Wet shavers will usually not allow for shaves when the device is charging.

Are you constantly forgetting to charge your shaver before use? If you answer yes, consider a device with a quick charge feature. This usually charges the razor for 5 min, allowing enough time for one quick shave.

LED Indicator

Here’s the deal: Almost no one counts and records the full fifty minutes between shaves. Therefore, indicators displaying the life of the battery seem necessary.

Here’s the best part: most LED indicators display more than battery status. Common signals include: charge status, blade replacement warnings, and advise when to clean the device.

Easy to Clean

If you are new to electric razors, one of your first questions should be: “How do I keep my blades sharp and shaver lasting as long as possible?”

The answer is simple: basic cleaning. For most razors, you can run the blades under running tap water. This will clean most hair and gunk from shave gels.

What should you do if your razor is not waterproof? For most shavers, you remove the top guard, and brush/ tap the hairs out of the device.

Do you need to save some time by removing the cleaning process? Some shavers ship with a self-cleaning station. These cleaning stands sanitise, rinse, and often dry your razor.

Most the time, this will also charge your shaver in the process. If you lack the time to self-clean your razor, check for a clean station feature.

Easy/ Comfortable to Use

Let’s agree: comfort is important with a shaver. In fact, much of your decision for choosing the perfect razor will involve a shaver’s feel on your face and in your hand.

For a grip, check the size of the razor—you will not want something too wide or slim. Also, if you plan to wet shave, check for rubber coating on the side of the shaver for an easy grip.

For the actual shave, you want something comfortable. Usually, razors catering to sensitive skin cost more. Remember: wet shave razors will allow you to apply shave gels and creams to your face.

Carrying Case

If you plan to travel with your razor, a carrying case will make your trip more convenient. You will not worry about luggage scratching the surface of your shaver. Additionally, no loose hairs will spill into your baggage.

Even if you do not travel much, a carrying case acts as a great place for storing shave gels, lotions, and cleaning tools.

Replacement Blades

With an electric shaver, you will need to replace your blades at some point. Generally, rotaries require a replacement every two years. Foils, on the other hand, need to be replaced every 6-12 months. These numbers are suggestions—specific durations will vary between razors.


Do you find yourself annoyed with loud buzzing sounds? If so, consider a quiet razor. Generally speaking, Rotary shavers perform more quietly than foils. Of course, exceptions exist. In our guide, our team made special notes of the quiet razors on the market.


So, you plan to buy a premium razor, but fear damaging your pricey new shaver? Note that some electric razors come with warranties. Even if you take care of your products, accidents still happen. Therefore, warranties let us feel safer in spending £100+ on a product.

Sometimes products offer 30-day money back guarantees. This option is perfect when you purchase a razor, and then realise it is not right for your face.


Top 5 Best Electric Shavers In The UK

Here are five of the best electric shavers available for purchase in the UK.

Braun Series 9 9290cc Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

Think about an ideal shaver. Is the appearance as bold as the beard it cuts? If you harbour a soft spot for sleek and shiny grooming tools, the Braun Series 9 9290 cc foil shaver may fit your needs. However, we all know cosmetic details matter little when compared to performance. So, does Braun’s new addition to the nine series meet the standards of the best razors on the market? Or is this shaver’s appearance its only redeeming quality? Continue reading to learn.


Let’s state the obvious: This shaver is shiny. In fact, the chrome details immediately captured our eyes long before the foil blade sitting on top. This device easily ranks as one of the sleekest razors our team ever used…for the first shave or two. That’s right; the outer metal accents are chrome. Why is this bad?

Despite the shaver’s lustrous appearance, this razor immediately attracts fingerprints, smudges, stray hairs, and watermarks. Expect to rinse this device after every use, simply to scrub away any unwanted marks on its surface.

Moving to the sides of the shaver, Braun implemented black rubber grips. The accents nicely compliment the silver chrome body. More importantly, the rubber actually creates a nice comfortable grip.

Here’s the best part: During our tests with the wet shave features, members of our team all reported a firm grip. The device never felt like slipping out of our wet hands.

Unfortunately, the rubber accents on the lock toggle do not work as well as the side grips. When attempting to lock the head, our thumbs constantly slipped and missed the sliding motion entirely. This became an annoyance. If you dry shave, this will not become an issue. However, for wet shaves, expect your thumb to slide off the lock switch a few times.

The back of the shaver presents a sliding beard trimmer. Remember: this piece is only a detail trimmer. This means you will only trim and edge your beard, moustache, and sideburns. The blades will dull quickly if you attempt to trim an entire beard with the piece. This is bad, since the trimmer is not replaceable. Once the blades become dull, you are stuck with a flat detail trimmer.

Foil Blade

Let’s move to the part of the shaver you will use the most: the foil blade. You may have noticed Braun advertises five shaving elements with its nine series razor. However, only four elements contribute to the actual cut. The two finishing foils (called OptiFoil by Braun) offer a close shave by cutting short hairs. The Hyper lift and cut trimmer lifts and cuts any hairs flat against the skin. The Direct and Cut trimmer cuts hairs growing in different directions—a great feature for a foil razor.

So, what’s the fifth element?

It is the SkinGuard. The name sounds exciting, right? Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a metal slot—not an actual blade to help the shave. For best results, Braun recommends replacing the cutter and foil every 18 months.

Pivoting Head

Do you need help reaching shaving each contour of your face? This Braun shaver offers a 10-directional pivoting head. If you find an angle you like, the multi-head lock switch is positioned comfortably in front of the razor. Our teams found our thumbs comfortably resting on this piece throughout our entire shaves. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, we noticed some slip issues with wet shaves. Otherwise, the switch works well.

To further help with clean shaves, Bruan includes sonic technology in its shaver. This creates 10,000 micro vibrations every minute. This process allows the razor to react to the density of your stubble. For the thickest of beards, this electric shaver reaches 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. These cuts enable a closer and cleaner shave.

Time to answer the big question on your mind: How does this razor cut? This razor easily trimmed three-day stubble. What does this mean? If you shave infrequently, this razor will offer you no problems or delays cutting your grown facial hair. As you may have guessed, Braun’s shaver cuts thick beards well. Here’s the best part: This razor is one of the most comfortable foils we ever used. So, if you have sensitive skin and do not like rotaries, take special note of this shaver.

Lastly, this shaver offers wet and dry shaves. Both modes felt comfortable. However, if you use shave gels or foams, you will need to rinse your blade well. Otherwise, the blades and cleaning station become clogged.


Did you read that last part closely? Then you know this shaver ships with a cleaning station. The station uses an alcohol-based product. Plugging the shaver into the cleaner will clean, charge, lubricate, and dry the razor. However, as mentioned earlier, foams and gels will clog the cleaning station. Thankfully, manually cleaning the blades is a simple and easy task. The head easily detaches and running tap water easily removes any trapped gunk and hair.


The battery functions on par with other devices on our list. Fully charging the razor requires an hour of time. During our tests, we received 45-50 minutes of shave time. Therefore, if you shave three minutes daily, you will receive between 14-15 shaves before needing to recharge. Do not worry: if you forget to recharge, Braun offers a quick charge option. This charges the shaver for five min, which enables one quick shave.

LED Display

We can probably agree: knowing the status of battery life is a nice feature. Thankfully, the LED display on the front of the device indicates battery life, cleaning status, and travel lock status.

Braun included a nifty little feature with its LED display on this shaver. When 9 minutes of battery life remain, a countdown timer appears. This will allow you to plan your shaves ahead. No longer will you need to worry about a battery dying mid-shave.

What Comes In The Box?

If you buy a new Braun Series 9 9290 cc series razor, expect to find the following inside the box: the razor, a travel case, a cleaning station, a charger, instruction manual, and a cleaning cartridge.

 Braun Series 9 9290cc


  • Comfortable grip.
  • Sleek design.
  • Close shave.


  • Difficulties sliding lock switch.
  • Fingerprints easily attract.
  • Foams and gels clog cleaning station.

Final Thoughts

Braun’s newest model in its nine series offers a close and comfortable shave. If you have a thick beard and suffer with sensitive skin, this shaver easily fulfils your needs. However, take note that you will be doing some extra manual cleaning if you use any moisturisers or preshave products. We must admit, for its price, this shaver definitely offers a great shave for a great price.

Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Men’s Electric Shaver S9211/12 with Precision Trimmer

Are you looking for a rotary razor offering basic functions and a quiet, yet smooth shave? As expected of Philips, the company’s new 9000 series razor offers a close, comfortable cut. However, can its performance compete with some of the best razors on the market? Read below to learn more.

Rotary Razor

Let’s begin by discussing one of the most important parts of a shaver: the blades. This Philips razor offers an 8-direction contour detect head. This means the head pivots in eight different directions to comfortably shave the different regions of your face. The head itself unipivots, while the blades move toward and away from the head.

How does this help the actual shave? During our tests, we received a close, smooth shave. Special mention goes to the lower areas of the neck and jawline—the razor pivoted perfectly in these regions. Under the nose, our team noticed the shave was not as close as other parts of our face. However, rotary razors usually struggle with shaving the moustache region.

Do you need a razor to conform to your sensitive skin? No problem: This razor offers 3-speed settings to match your skin and hair type. The lowest option moves the blades slowly—this prevents razor rash and ingrown hairs. The higher setting offers a closer and more defined shave. This worked great for the thick beards on our team as well.

Lastly, does your hair grow in different directions? Even if you do not know, this razor will help. You simply shave in a circle. No need to know the direction your beard grows.

Here’s where this razor stands out among others: the V-Track dual-blade system operates quietly. You will not hear a loud buzzing noise when using this shaver. Instead, you will only hear a mild humming noise. This is easily one of the quietest razors we have ever tested.

Dry and Wet Shave

Let’s face it: In today’s market, you will not find many high-quality razors without an option to switch between wet and dry shaves. Philips follows the example by offering both shaving types with its 9000 series electric shaver. If you need to moisturise your face with a gel or foam, set the device to wet. While you are at it, you can also use this shaver in the shower.

Naturally, since this razor is waterproof, you can rinse the blades under running tap water. In fact, since this shaver ships without a cleaning station, you will do most your cleaning with water. Remember: rotary razors are more sensitive to hair and gunk build-up. Therefore, clean them immediately after your shaves.


Do you employ your beard trimmers frequently? If you answer yes, then you will love the click-on trimmer for this shaver. During our tests, this device detailed our sideburns and edged our beards nicely. As with moth detailing trimmers, this will not shave a full-grown beard.

Now, you might be wondering: is the click-on nature of this a good or bad thing? The quick answer: it depends on the person. On one hand, the detachability of the trimmer allows for easy cleaning. However, switching heads between the trimmer and rotaries can become annoying to some people. Therefore, you can decide this one for yourself.


So, how does this shaver look compared to others on our list? For the most part, pretty average. The design lacks any flashy or shiny qualities. However, it is a slim design. The shaver also weights 160g. This is a lightweight shaver. Here’s the best part: No part of this razor’s design feels cheap or flimsy. The shaver fits comfortably in our hands during our tests.

LED Icons

As with most razors today, this shaver includes LED indicators. The lights display battery levels, travel lock status, replacement head indicator, and a cleaning indicator. The lights themselves are simplistic.


Let’s take a look at this electric shaver’s battery. Overall, you will notice it operates much like others on this list. The battery requires an hour to charge and shaves for 50 minutes. Do you commonly forget to charge your devices? Then you will love the quick charge option, which enables a quick shave after a three-minute charge. This feature is great for those times you need to rush and do not have time to wait a full hour for a charge.

What Comes in the Box?

By now, you may have realised: Philips created this 9000 series razor with a simplistic design. Even out of the box, you will receive the essentials: the shaver, a travel pouch, a trimmer, a UK 2 pin charger, and a user manual. Note that you can buy a cleaning station separately. Cleaning stations are included in the Phillips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Men’s Electric Shaver S9211/26. The S9211/26 model performs very similarly to this shaver. So remember this option if you prefer cleaning with the charge station.


Philips ships this shaver with a 2-year guarantee.

Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver S9211/12


  • Overall comfortable feel and grip.
  • Speed options help with both, thick beards and sensitive skin.
  • Extremely quiet.


  • Cleaning station sold separately.
  • Difficult to fit cleaning brush between blades.

Final Thoughts

Do you have time to manually clean your shaver? If you can work around the lack of an included cleaning station, the Philips S9211/12 shaver offers a close shave catering to thick beards and sensitive skin. If you need a great performing rotary razor, consider this Philips model.

Braun Series 7 7898cc

Here’s a brand that provides us with some of the best men’s electric shavers on the market: Braun. This German company caters a razor to people of all different skin and beard types. Therefore, you can understand why would hold such high expectations for its seven series 7898 model. With a unique design, how does this foil razor compete in the market? Will it pack the performance to smoothly shave your stubble, or is this one of Braun’s flops? Read along to learn more.

Foil Blade

How does the 7 series foil compete with other blades on our list? Here’s the basic answer: rather nicely. The blade offers four shaving elements. Two floating “OptiFoil” blades provide a close shave. The active lift trimmer raises and cuts long hairs laying flat against the skin. The “Skin Guard” smooths the skin for a comfortable finish.

Shaving modes

This next part is where this blade becomes interesting: the five shaving modes. The different speeds offer a slower speed for sensitive skin. The turbo speed provides a close cut on thicker beards. During our tests, the highest speed cut three days of stubble with no problems.

Sonic Technology

Similar to other Bruan models, this series seven shaver includes Sonic Technology. This allows for 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. During this process, the razor senses the thickness of the hair it trims. From here, the shaver automatically alters its power settings to match the facial hair’s thickness. So, thinner areas will receive less power. The sensor worked accurately in our tests. In fact, the Sonic Technology’s accuracy elevates this electric shaver to a level above many others in the market.

Do you struggle with clean shaves in remote areas—you know those areas around your neck and behind your ears? If you answer yes, you will be happy to learn Braun applied active lift technology in its series seven 7878cc razor. This lifts any hairs lying flat against your skin, ensuring they receive a clean cut. This process shaves those unnecessary hairs remaining on your body.

The shaver offers a flexible head. The eight-directional head shifts to the contours of your face. The headlock mode stops the shaver in five different positions, allowing for the most comfortable shave. For more convenience, Bruan includes a macroMotion-40-degree shaver head, which easily trims along the large contours of your face. This maximises skin contact time for a smooth and close cut.

Much like other razors in our list, Braun’s series 7 includes a slide-out detailing trimmer. You can probably guess how this works: detailing beards and sideburns is easy with this tool. However, it will not cut a full-grown beard. Also, it is a non-replaceable piece. This means you will be stuck with dull blades after so much use.

So let’s answer this big question now: Who benefits the most from this shave? The answer includes people with medium to thick beards. This product also works well for sensitive skin.


Are you a fan of cleaning and charging stations? If you say yes, you will enjoy the included automatic cleaning system that ships with this shaver. The station performs the main tasks as other cleaning systems on our list: lubricate, drying, and charging the shaver. The station also displays battery and hygiene status—this informs you when to clean the razor.

Here is where the problems begin. Do you prefer manually cleaning your blades? The blades and foil of this device form one unit. You cannot disassemble this unit. This causes problems with trying to clean hairs and gunk from between the blades. Even if you plan to use the cleaning station, you will still need to manually clean residue from cream and foams (if you apply them before shaves).

Wet and Dry

You may have realised: All shavers on our list offer wet and dry shaving options. This allows you to apply moisturisers, creams, and gels. Also, if you are in a rush, you can dry shave without any water.


Here’s a question you might be wondering: “How does this device fit in my hand?” During our tests, we felt a comfortable grip. The black rubber on the sides provided a firm grip, even during wet shaves. For an added bonus, the LCD display is on the bottom of the razor. Therefore, if you are curious about the battery life, simply flip your shaver upside-down and check.


Braun’s series seven battery operates the same as others on our list. You will need to charge the device for an hour. This enables 50 minutes of shave time. If you are in a rush, you can use the five-minute quick charge function. This will allow for one fast shave.

What’s in the Box?

If you buy this Braun razor, you can expect to find the following inside the box: Series 7 razor, clean and charge station, cleaning cartridge, travel pouch, smart plug, and cleaning brush.

Braun Series 7 7898cc Men's Electric Foil Shaver


  • Quiet.
  • Easy to Grip.
  • Speed options for sensitive skin and different beard types.


  • Annoying to manually clean.

Final Thoughts

We understand the struggle of growing a medium-thick beard. Shavers always seem overpriced or underperforming for that particular stubble type. Thankfully, Braun’s series 7 offers a great shave at a decent price. If you do not mind some annoyances when manually cleaning the blades, consider this shaver.

Panasonic ES-LV95 5-Blade Electric Shaver

If you have a thick beard, listen up! Panasonic introduced a razor catered to your beard type in the manufacturer’s ES-LV95 model. The big head of this electric shaver exudes power. We will already tell you this device provides enough power to justify the size of the razor’s head. However, with an expensive price, does this blade produce enough benefits? Or is this product a quick cash grab from Panasonic? Read along to learn more.

Foil Blade

Here’s the deal: The five blade cutting system is one of the smoothest shaves we ever received during our tests. The razor works with four foils surrounding a centre cutter. Foil number one, the slit foil, captures long hairs. Meanwhile, two lift-tech foils lift and cut any hairs lying against the skin. The finishing foil cuts the thick hairs, combined with any thin hairs. Here’s our favourite part: We did not need to shave back and forth to cut our stubble. During our tests, these blades cut all facial hair in one single stroke! Perhaps this thorough shave results from the perfect 30-degree angle at which the blades sit. The hairs lift and cut at such a rate that no stubble remains!

If you like options while shaving, this Panasonic shaver packs a few. You’ll find two shave settings with this razor. The first setting maintains the same speed as you cut across your face. The second setting adjusts speeds upon reaching different areas of your face. This is the setting I personally preferred. I did not directly notice this setting working. However, perhaps that is just the point—the shaver just works. No members of our team encountered shave problems while shaving in this setting.

Arc5 Sensor

Do you struggle with shaving as a result of sensitive skin? Do not worry, Panasonic integrated Arc5 sensors into its shaver. These sensors adjust power depending on the thickness of the beard. So, in lighter areas, the power reduces. In regions of thick stubble growth, the shaver increases its power. However, if you prefer constant power, the device includes another setting to maintain the same power level, regardless of facial thickness and contours. So, that gives us two settings—one with sensors for adjustments in power based on beard thickness, and one for constant speed. Personally, I preferred the sensor mode

Powerful Motor

Speaking of power, Panasonic equipped the ES-LV95 with its most powerful motor at 14.000 CPM. Compare this speed to Braun’s already impressive 10,000 CPM. Panasonic provided a more comfortable shave for me, personally. Here’s another way to compare these two brands: The Panasonic ES-LV95 produces 233 cutting cycles, while Braun performs 167 cutting cycles per second. This Panasonic shaver cuts 40% faster. Our team noticed no uncomfortable pulling and tugging on hairs with that speed.

360-degree Pivot

If you are still not impressed with this razor head’s features, then check out the shaver head’s 360-degree pivot. This enables you to shave at any angle you find comfortable. Note that most other shavers present more limited motion (usually 8-10 positions) in their razor heads. You can lock any angle by pressing a button on the back of the razor. Panasonic recommends replacing this head every 18 months.


Much like other electric shavers on our list, Panasonic includes a beard trimmer. How does this compare with the other trimmers on our list? Personally, we harbour mixed feelings about the feature. The trimmer feels like an afterthought—located on the back with no special features. However, the piece does create a neat edge to beards and sideburns.

You can see the general shaver head is huge. This creates some problems with forming neat edges since you cannot easily see where you are cutting. Therefore, the trimmer is necessary and performs its jobs. We just wish the piece would add more for design and features.


The ES-LV95’s battery works similar to other devices on our list. Charging requires one hour of time. A full charge presents 45 minutes of shaving. As usual, you can complete a five-minute quick charge when your time is limited. Here’s our favourite part of the charging process: after receiving a full charge, the razor enters standby mode. This saves some energy without the arbitrary flashing lights of other devices.


With cleaning this device, you will notice nothing new. The Cleaning and charging station lubricates, washes, rinses, and dries the shaver. Cleaning cartridges last for 30 cleans. Do you prefer to save money by not buying the cartridges? Then you can manually clean the razor under running water without damaging the blades.

Wet and Dry Shaver

Much like the other men’s electric shavers on our list, Panasonic’s device works with wet and dry shaves. Wet shaves felt similar to shaving with a manual razor. This is a great feeling for anyone transitioning from non-electrical shavers.

Naturally, the wet shave mode allows you to use this shaver in the shower. I did try this, so I cannot comment on its effectiveness for shower shaves.

LCD Display

Do you like knowing the specific amount of charge left in you shavers? If so, the LCD on the Panasonic ES-LV95’s handle will act as a great resource. The lights break charges into tenths. Therefore, you can easily calculate when you will need to recharge to prevent the device from dying in the middle of a shave.

The LCD action does not end at the shaver. The charger also presents a digital display which presents the percentage of battery life remaining.

What Comes in the Box?

Upon purchasing this razor, you will receive the Panasonic shaver, a safety cap, a travelling case, an electrical cord for charging, and a cleaning station.

Panasonic ES-LV95 5-Blade Electric Shaver


  • Smoothest cut of any razor on our list.
  • Best razor for thick beards.
  • Pivoting heads feel comfortable.


  • Expensive— costs more than anything else on our list.
  • Noisy in use when compared to other shavers.

Final Thoughts

Does the thickness of your beard rival the size of your budget? This electric shaver will provide you with one of the best shaves you will ever find. However, for lighter and medium beards, many other razors will provide a smooth shave at a much lower price. Therefore, the choice is yours: If you need one of the most powerful razors on the market, look no further than the Panasonic ES-LV95.

Philips Series 7000 Wet & Dry Men’s Electric Shaver S7370/12

Are you struggling with sensitive skin? You feel like you have tried every shaver on the market. However, after each shave, you receive that embarrassing razor rash. Even worse: ingrown hairs not only look unsightly but feel difficult to cut. Is there a solution on the market for this?

Thankfully, Philips arrives with its S7370/12 razor. Designed by dermatologists, this razor keeps your skin in mind while providing a shave.

Here’s the bigger question: Can the performance of this razor compete with others on our list, or is this shaver nothing more than a gimmick? Continue reading to see how this razor competes with the best electric shavers in the UK.

What’s in the Box?

Philip’s Series 7000 razor offers the typical items you will find with most shavers: the shaver itself, a trimmer, travel pouch, charger, and manual. A cleaning station is not included with this product.

Rotary Blades

Let’s address the big question you are probably pondering: How does this razor protect skin while cutting? The rotary blades implement Philip’s “GentlePrecision” blade system. One blade protects your skin while trimming flat hairs. Meanwhile, the first blade raises hair from the skin. The second blade cuts hairs beneath the surface of the skin.

To further help your skin, Philips integrated five-directional Dynamic flex heads. This allows the blade to smoothly touch every contour of your face including hard-to-reach areas under the jawline. During our tests, we noticed no skin irritation with this system.

Do you need to trim and detail longer facial hair? Philips includes a detachable trimmer with its product. Simply remove the rotary head to attach the detailing trimmer. We found the blade worked great for detailing beards and sideburns. However, you will need a beard trimmer if you need to cut a full beard.

Wet and Dry Use

The shaver allows for wet and dry use. This actually makes sense: most shave gels and foams help protect the skin from razor burns and skin irritations. Thankfully this device shaves smoothly with any shaving products.

Since this device works as a wet shaver, you can clean the head under running tap water. The head easily detaches, enabling easy rinsing.


If you read about our other shavers on this list, then you already know what to expect from the battery. After a one-hour charge, the battery allows for a 50-minute shave. If you forgot to charge your razor, a five-minute quick charge option allows for a single fast shave.


Do you record when your shaver heads need replacing? It’s okay; many people do not. Thankfully, this razor includes a LED indicator light for replacing rotaries. Also, the LED informs you when your battery is low.


The shaver ships with a two-year guarantee.

Philips Series 7000 Wet & Dry Men's Electric Shaver S7370/12


  • Easy cleaning—even without cleaning station.
  • No skin irritation.


  • Cheap feel—head feels like it will slide off at any moment.
  • Need to buy cleaning and charging station separately.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for the best electric shaver for sensitive skin? Philips S7370/12 offers one of the smoothest and most comfortable shaves you will receive. However, if you also have a thick beard and a bigger budget, note that other razors can also address your needs. However, for its price, this Philips razor offers a great solution to skin irritation and rashes from shaving.

Best Electric Shaver

Which Shaver is the Best?

So here is the grand question we have all been wondering. You read our reviews, and possibly found a few shavers you like. So, which razor is the best? The answer is not as simple as listing an individual shaver. Instead, you must assess your needs and budget.

If money is not an issue, consider the Panasonic ES-LV95 will cover most of your shaving needs. Nothing else on our list cut as smoothly or as quickly as this particular shaver.

However, note that the above shaver works specifically for thick beards. If your beard grows at a medium thickness or less, products similar to the Braun Series 7 will provide you with a nice shave at a lower price.

Is sensitive skin your primary issue? Then, the Philips Series 7000 razor will perfectly address your needs for a low price. This will become even truer if you do not grow thick stubble.

Here’s the bottom line: All five razors on our list serve a purpose. Before dismissing any of them, consider your needs. Find the shaver that best addresses your problems and preferences.


Did you find a shaver to address your needs?

We understand: finding the right shaver is a difficult choice. Finding a device to fit your skin’s sensitivity levels and beard type is tough enough. Add to that your personal preferences, and you could search for hours trying to find the perfect electric razor.

Remember: the best electric razor exists. Read our buying guide carefully to find what you truly want.
Every man deserves to look clean cut, suave, and fashionable if he desires. Therefore, find yourself the right razor at the right price.

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