Best 32 inch Tv

When it comes to TVs, bigger is not always better. Sure, a theatre-sized screen might look great in family room. But what about the kitchen, bedroom, or smaller living spaces?

Here, a smaller 32-inch screen fits perfectly. Especially since you don’t want a massive hulking object taking up valuable space. So here is the question we are all asking by this point. How can you find the best 32 inch TV in the UK?

We understand finding the right TV requires a copious amount of work. So we did the research for you. We played with countless models. Yet, at the end of the day, we found these six consoles to serve as the best 32 inch TVs in the country. Whether you’re looking for a budget television, or you just want some extra entertainment in a bedroom or guest room, a 32-inch TV will fulfil your needs. So read along with us, as we help you find the best 32 inch TV for your home.

Best 32 inch Tv UK

  • Samsung UE32M5520
  • 1080P Full HD
  • Refresh Rate - 50Hz (Samsung Picture Quality Index: 600)
  • Panel Type - VA
  • Pixel Density - 70 PPI
  • Viewing angle - 178 degrees
  • Speaker Output - 20W
  • Audio Quality - Dolby Digital +
  • Ports - 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, 1 x Composite
  • Built-in Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Sony Bravia KDL-32WD751
  • 1080P Full HD
  • Refresh Rate - 50Hz
  • Panel Type - IPS
  • Pixel Density - 70 PPI
  • Viewing angle - 178 degrees
  • Speaker Output - 10W
  • Audio Quality - Dolby Digital +
  • Ports - 2x HDMI, 2x USB 2.0, 1x SCART
  • Built-in Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • LG 32LJ610V
  • 1080P Full HD
  • Refresh Rate - 50Hz
  • Panel Type - IPS
  • Pixel Density - 70 PPI
  • Viewing angle - 178 degrees
  • Speaker Output - 10W
  • Audio Quality - Dolby Digital
  • Ports - 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, 1 x Composite
  • Built-in Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Philips 32PFT5803/12
  • 1080P Full HD
  • Refresh Rate - 60 Hz
  • Panel Type - IPS
  • Pixel Density - 70 PPI
  • Viewing Angle - 178 Degrees
  • Speaker Output - 16W
  • Audio Quality - Surround Sound
  • Ports - 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB
  • Built-in Wi-Fi - No
  • Warranty - 2 Year
  • Toshiba 32L3863DBA
  • 1080P Full HD
  • Refresh Rate - 60Hz
  • Panel Type - IPS
  • Pixel Density - 70 PPI
  • Viewing angle - 178 degrees
  • Speaker Output - 12W
  • Audio Quality - Dolby Digital
  • Ports - 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, 1 x SCART
  • Built-in Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Hisense H32M2600UK
  • 720P HD Ready
  • Refresh Rate - 50 Hz
  • Panel Type - VA
  • Pixel Density - 50 PPI
  • Viewing Angle - 170/140 Degrees
  • Speaker Output - 12W
  • Audio Quality - Dolby Digital
  • Ports - 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB
  • Built-in Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Warranty - 2 Year

Best 32 inch Tv Reviews

Here are our reviews to help you find the best TV for you. Remember you are trying to find a TV to fit your preferences and lifestyle. Thus, make your choice based on the TV with the features and specs you prefer.

1.Samsung M5500 32-Inch Smart Full HD TV

Who ever said you couldn’t find stellar picture quality in a 32-inch TV?

The Samsung M5500 offers some amazing picture quality. In fact, this 32-inch 1080p TV offers some great features for gamers as well. So whether you want a TV to reduce input lag in gaming, or you simply desire an excellent display, the M5500 will deliver!

Samsung M5500 32-Inch SMART Full HD TV


With full HD 1080p resolution, the screen produces some vibrant images. Honestly, the M5500 displays one of the better pictures on our list.

We all want an accurate and immersive picture. And Samsung Micro Dimming Pro technology does just that. This feature splits your 32-inch TV into hundreds of smaller areas, to ensure each spec of your TV receives as much detail as possible. The Micro Dimming manages colours, brightness, and sharpness for an image that looks like something you would see in real-life.

Micro Dimming Pro

If this is not sufficient, then the Wide colour Enhancer brings further immersion to your screen by increasing the TV’s colour range. This unveils all those small, hidden details to bring some vibrant colours to your screen. This made even better with the Auto Motion Plus processing. With this technology, all the vivid colours remain in tact, and blurring is kept to a minimum.

Overall, we must say that the brightness of this TV looks nice. The contrast looks sharp while dark colours come about as close to black as a 1080p LCD display will allow.

The only mild issue we noticed involved viewing the TV from far side angles. Every once in awhile, the colours would distort at that angle for some strange reason. But this occurred rarely and did not destroy the viewing experience.

Of course, the fun doesn’t end at the colours and contrasts. To help the TV match your hobbies, the Samsung display includes options for a film mode and game mode.

Are you curious how this will enhance your gaming experience?

The mode creates a faster video response time. For gamers, this simply means they will experience less input lag—less delay from when they push a button on the controller and see the action on the screen. This works because game mode negates video processing features. So, in other words, you will want to solely use this mode while gaming.

During our tests, we noticed only 40 ms input lag, which is a good thing. It means you won’t experience any problems entering strict frame inputs—and if you do, it’s a factor outside the TV’s display.

As far as refresh rates go, this TV is pretty average for its size. You will find a 60 Hz refresh rate. During our tests, we noticed occasional motion blur, but nothing too terrible. Scrolling text never felt too difficult to read, and action scenes always presented the suspense and thrills they needed. In other words, motion displays well on this 32-inch 1080p TV.

Smart Features

It’s probably no surprise that this TV comes with Smart features. Overall, you’ll find all the essentials here.

Built-in Wi-Fi ensures you can always connect to the browser and streaming apps. Of course, you can always connect with Ethernet cables if your wireless connection isn’t great.

Even if you do opt for the Ethernet option, you can always make use of the wireless soundbar technology. Samsung calls this Soundconnect if you ever decide to buy a soundbar. But we’ll get to the sound a bit later in this review.

When it comes to the Samsung Smart hub, you’ll find all the streaming apps you’ll ever need. Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, ITV, Netflix, Twitter, YouTube, and more make appearances. The TV even comes with an app store to add to the preloaded services.

Samsung M5500 Smart Hub

Are you looking for more cool features?

Not to worry, as the TV also allows for sharing between Android smartphones/ tablets. In fact, with Smart View, you can even control your TV with your Android device. If you really want to impress your friends, you can even use voice control with the smart remote. The remote responded well to our voices in our tests. But for the most part, we used the feature to show off more than for actual functionality. But perhaps this works more like Siri or Cortana—Some people love it while others avoid it.

Samsung M5500 32-Inch SMART Full HD TV

Sometimes TVs make these Smart features difficult to operate with convoluted controls and stuffing remotes with too many buttons. Thankfully, the M5500 does not fall victim to this issue. Instead, Samsung ships this TV with two remotes to reduce the clutter. One remote operates all the Smart functions, while the other deals with the TV functions. Overall, both remotes allow for a smooth user experience.

Ports, Sockets, and Connectivity

For the most part, you will find a fair amount of connection options with this TV. Three HDMI ports will offer you plenty for connecting your BluRay players, gaming consoles, and much more. You can also find 2 USB ports. If you enjoy recording your favourite programmes, these USB slots will be your best method to do so.

Sadly, this TV lacks a USB 3.0 port. But this is a rarity for TVs of this size and price, so we will not hold it against Samsung for omitting this option.


So here’s the question you are probably wondering: Will I need a soundbar?

Well, with two internal 20 W speakers supporting Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Codec, the sound is decent. Voices sound clear while background noises provide depth. Sadly, the TV does not produce loud sounds. Frequency sounds fine at lower volumes but becomes worse as the volume rises. Thankfully, our tests found the TV produced good levels of harmonic distortion.

Overall, the audio is acceptable, but nothing great. So, a soundbar or external sound system is not a bad idea. And with the support of a wireless soundbar, you can attach some of the market’s best sound systems.

Speaking of wireless connections, hopefully, this is how you plan to connect your external audio devices. Sadly, this TV lacks any aux ports to connect to most wired sound systems. But with such affordable options on the market, finding the right wireless speakers or soundbar shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. You can even connect speakers and headphones via a Bluetooth connection if you wish. Yet this still feels like a disappointment for anyone who already owns a set of wired speakers.

We did notice one huge annoying issue with the audio. Occasionally, the TV will try to set the audio to an HDMI source—even when nothing is connected. This powers off the sound on the main TV. So you will need to switch the sound back to the TV speakers manually. This only happened about two times during our tests. But we found the issue annoying nonetheless.

Other features

As expected, you will find a fair supply of standard TV features here. To save some energy, you have an auto-power off function, energy saving mode, and sleep mode. So, you can save some money on your next power bill if that is a concern.


The TV feels fairly standard sized at 43 x 73.1 x 5.6 cm. And at 5.5 kg the TV does not feel too heavy. In fact, it should fit nicely on any stand. If you prefer wall mounting, the TV will fit on a 100 x 100 mm mount.

What Comes in the Box?

The box comes with all you would expect. A power cable, one standard remote, one smart remote, 2 AAA batteries, 2 AA batteries, and a stand with fixings all ship alongside this TV.


Samsung ships the TV with a one-year warranty.


  • Game mode and film picture mode offers optimal settings for gamers and movie lovers.
  • Solid pictures—great colours and contrasts.
  • Thin and sleek bezel.


  • Sound annoyingly tries to transfer to all HDMI sources.
  • Some motion blur.
  • Weird colour changes at far angles.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to stellar picture, the Samsung M5500 offers a great experience. The picture is one of the best we have seen on a TV of this size. Combine this with some great options for gaming and film, and you have one of the best value 32-inch TVs on the market. Of course, this is once you get past some motion blur and minor sound issues. But if you can bear with some mild annoyances, the M5500 will not disappoint!

2.Sony Bravia KDL-32WD751 32-Inch Full HD Smart TV

Leave it to Sony to bring us one of the best 32-Inch LED TV’s on the market. If you want a vibrant picture on your TV, Sony will deliver with its Bravia KDL-32WD751 model. But does this TV have what it takes to compete with the others on our list? Read along to see what Sony brings to this device beyond a pretty display.

Sony Bravia KDL32WD751BU


Are you looking for an amazing visual? Then check out the Sony Bravia KDL-32WE751’s display. Honestly, this is one of the best 1080p 32-inch TVs on the market when it comes to display.

Sony sweetens the package with its X-Reality PRO technology. This is the feature that produces vivid clarity and sharpness to the display.

We all know a true black colour cannot be presented on an LED display. But Sony comes close with some deep blacks. But the white colour also creates a vibrant impact on the eyes. Needless to say, the contrast looks highly defined with crisp whites and deep blacks.

Sony Bravia KDL32WD751

As with other TVs on our list, the Sony Bravia comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate. If we had any mild gripes, it would be here. At times, we did notice some mild motion blur. Still, the movement appears far better on this display than on many others of the same size. Text remains clear, as do actors and background objects during camera panning.

Part of this decent flow results from Sony’s Motionflow XR technology. With this, extra frames are inserted between original frames. In the meantime, the TV finds the key visuals on the screen and calculates the action that occurs in the split seconds between frames. What does all this mean? You can expect some crisp motion sequences with minimal blur and sharp picture.

Ports, Sockets, and Connectivity

Let’s get this out of the way now. This TV only offers two HDMI slots. Now, for a 32-inch TV at a low price, two HDMI slots seems standard. Sadly, two slots offer room for one Blu-Ray player and one gaming console. Anything else will require you to manually plug and unplug devices. So expect some extra labour if you plan to attach many electronic devices.

Alongside two HDMI ports, you will also receive one SCART socket and two USB sockets. The best part about the USB slots is that they do support video recording and playback. This means you won’t need to worry about missing your favourite programmes.

Aside from USB ports, you will find all your standard jacks and sockets. Expect to find a VGA input socket, a composite socket, a headphone port, an AV socket, and a CI plus slot.


As you would expect, Sony’s 32-inch Bravia offers nothing too surprising in terms of dimensions. The TV sizes up at 43.9 x 71.7 x 6.1 cm. The device weighs a light 6.4 KG. This means you won’t need to worry about the TV breaking or damaging any conventional stands. You can also mount the display to a wall with a 300 x 200 bracket.

Smart Features

Are you looking for the top-of-the-line Smart TV features?

For the most part, you will find them with the 32-inch Sony Bravia. Expect to find essential video streaming apps such as Netflix and the numerous BBC apps.

As with most other Smart TVs on the market, the Bravia offers Wi-Fi connections. If your wireless modem does not work so great, you can also connect via an Ethernet cable.

Unfortunately, despite having wi-fi connectivity, this TV does lack a browser. So, you will be relying on the TV’s apps when it comes to browsing social media or the most recent news.

Extra Features

Viewers in the Republic of Ireland can make full use of the Saorview digit tuner. The rest of us in the UK gain access to Freeview HD digital tuner.

Aside from tuners, Sony packs its TV with all the basics you would expect. You can set a sleep timer to shut off your TV after a set amount of time. Parental controls also offer you the option to block content from any children in your household.


Do you want to save some money with an energy efficient TV?

Sony might not over the best option on the market. Nevertheless, who will argue with an energy efficiency rating of A? This TV only consumes 40 Watts in power mode. In standby mode, expect .5 Watts of usage. Thus, you won’t be spending much extra on your electric bills.


We’ll be honest. This is another area where we felt this TV lacked. This Sony product comes with Dolby Digital Plus audio. Yet the sound is far from great. Sure, you can hear voices and background sounds. But with the 5 x 5 Watt power output, these noises sound far less audible than with other TVs on our list. So we recommend an external speaker source. Thankfully, you can purchase soundbars without hurting your wallet too much.


The Sony Bravia’s cosmetic design rivals that of its picture display. The outer appearance looks slim and sleek. A black bezel surrounds the screen. Nothing about the bezel feels distracting. If nothing else, it actually looks somewhat stylish.

As far as interfaces go, we were pleasantly surprised. Our team noted no issues with lag on any menus. Speaking of the menus, we found them easy to navigate. Nothing feels too convoluted.

What’s in the Box?

Again, Sony ships all expected goods inside its Bravia package. Expect an AC power adapter, an AC power lead, batteries, instructions, a setup guide, a remote control, and a tabletop stand.

We cannot complain. The box offers everything you will need to enjoy your new 32-inch TV.


  • Beautiful Picture—one of the best for its price.
  • Some of the best contrast.
  • Amazing blacks and white colours.
  • Easy interface.


  • Only two HDMI slots.
  • Internal Speakers produce subpar sound.
  • No Amazon Instant Video.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picture quality, the Sony Bravia KDL-32WD751 is the best 1080p 32-inch TV when it comes to picture quality. Little else in the price range compares. The contrasts and colours pop beautifully. The sound might not be the best. But if you can move beyond this issue, this TV will satisfy your entertainment needs.

3.LG 32LJ610V 32-Inch Smart Full HD TV

When it comes to providing value in products, LG rarely disappoints. And the LG 32LJ610V is no exception. This TV performs well across the board with some great picture and sound. But how does its performance stack against other 32-inch TVs on our list? Read along to find out.

LG 32LJ610V 32 Inch Smart Full HD TV


When it comes to the visuals, this LG TV offers some of the best. With a 1080p full HD LED screen, you already know to expect a stellar image.

LG’s Resolution Supscaler technology smooths the blurriness in images for more clarity. Meanwhile, LG’s micro dimming technology dims and brightens colours for a great contrast.

With shades in mind, we must say that blacks and whites looked great on this TV. At no point could we tell we were looking at a dimmed grey, which is a good thing.

As with others on our list, this TV offers a 50 Hz refresh rate. This means you can expect some motion blur. But honestly, it’s hardly noticeable. We found no problems reading scrolling texts in our tests. Also, everything in the set of a panning camera remained fully visible. Thus, the low refresh rate is hardly an issue.

Also, the 50 Hz works ideal for gaming. Sadly, the TV does lack a standalone gaming mode. So hardcore gamers might notice some mild input lag. But honestly, we found the TV’s picture responded quite well to our button presses.

Ports and Sockets

Do you enjoy connecting numerous devices to your TV?

If you answer yes, you will love the connection options from this LG model. You will find three HDMI sockets and two USB ports. This is great news since so many 32-inch TVs on the market only fit room for two HDMI cables. You won’t feel as limited when connecting game consoles, Blu-ray players, and much more.

The two USB slots are pretty standard with these types of TVs. What’s nice here is that the TV supports USB video recording and playback. So now you have almost no excuses for missing your favourite programmes.

You will also find component video and composite sockets for connecting more devices. Lastly, you will also find an Ethernet slot if you like alternatives to Wi-Fi connections.

Smart Features

Much like other TVs on the market, this LG model offers Wi-Fi connections. This is perfect for buyers who watch streaming services or use the included web browser.

Speaking of the web browser, you’ll search the Internet quite smoothly on this TV. The loading speeds work as quickly as you would expect for a Smart TV (not quite as fast as a PC, but still not bad by any means). You can even watch your videos here if, for whatever, reason, you choose to forego the included video apps. The best part is that we noticed no form of slowdown on the TV when watching YouTube videos through the app. This is quite the feat for a 32-inch smart TV.

As we already mentioned, you can also watch videos through the included apps. You’ll find all your basic streaming apps included. So, you can watch YouTube, Netflix, and most other popular services on your TV.

While engrossing yourself in all this LG TV’s fun features, you will find everything is easy to use. Searching apps could not feel easier. The my channels and my content sections are some of our favourite features. You can customise access to your favourite channels, apps, and shows here.

This TV also supports Miracast. So if you like displaying information from your PC on your TV, you can do that. In fact, this might be your best roundabout way to access YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

Extra Features

This TV is not lacking any essential features. For tuners, you have Freeview and Freesat HD tuners. If you live in Ireland, you can also use the Saoview digital tuner. Other standard features include sleep timers and parental controls.


If you’re looking for a smaller TV, you’ll be happy with this device’s measurements. The TV measures 44.1 x 73.9 x 8.4 cm. This means you can mount the TV to a wall with a 200 x 200 bracket.

Also, at 4.9 KG, the TV feels super light. This is great when setting up or moving the device since you can accomplish this feat without much effort. Also, note that you can set the TV on most stands without worries of the base’s breaking.


As with other 32-inch full HD TVs, the energy efficiency is pretty good. You will find an energy efficiency rating of A, which is great. In fact, when powered on, the TV only consumes 36 Watts of power. In standby mode, expect about .3 Watts of consumption.


Here is where this TV rises above others on our list. Yes, you read that right, a 32-inch TV is capable of producing stellar sound quality. LG advertises its model as producing a surround sound effect with virtual audio. After testing this TV, our team agrees. The audio sounds loud and heavy. Voices could not sound any more clearly. Background objects sound as though they have entered the room.

In other words, you will not need to purchase a separate soundbar. Of course, if you prefer, you can always buy one for enhanced sound quality. But for this TV, external sound sources are not 100% needed.


  • Exceptional sound.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Vivid picture.


  • No game mode.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a TV that does a little bit of everything quite well, then give the LG 32LJ610V a look. Sure, the TV might lack a game mode. But if you give this entertainment system a chance, you might find everything you ever wanted in a TV. With a great picture and sound, little holds this TV back from being one of the best.

4.Toshiba 32L3753DB 32-Inch Smart Full HD LED TV

Not all of us use our TVs for watching our favourite programmes. Some of us need something to fulfil our gaming hobbies. If this sounds like you, then check out the Toshiba 32L3753DB 32-Inch Smart TV. In fact, this device might just be the best 32 inch TV for gaming on the market. But how aside from gaming, can this TV’s other features compare with the alternative devices on our list? Continue reading to learn more.

Toshiba 32L3753DB 32-Inch Smart Full HD LED TV


When it comes to smart 32-inch TVs, you might not be expecting the best picture on the market. However, keep in mind that this Toshiba model offers a pretty stunning display.

At 1080p, this LED TV offers full HD. The 50 Hz picture frequency might sound pretty bad. But keep in mind that we noticed no major issues with motion blur during our tests. Texts remained readable. Meanwhile, camera panning never distorted the picture.

As far as colours go, we noticed this TV produced a vivid picture. The colour range seemed wider than other 32-inch 1080p TVs on the market. At the same time, the colour shading looked nice. Nothing ever looked fake or cartoony, which is a good thing.

We noticed this TV also produced a decent contrast. We noticed no annoying grey shades trying to look black on this screen. Blacks looked as dark and shaded as they should.

Strangely, we did notice darker colours lacked a sense of life on this screen. At times, our team noticed that dark colours looked like the images you would see on a computer monitor. This is pretty bad for a 1080p display.

To compensate, bright colours looked vibrant. And we noticed scenes with all dark palettes occurred rarely. So, it’s not a complete deal breaker, just more of a minor annoyance.

During our tests, we noticed some backlight clouding. These are those times when dark pictures appear brighter than they should. They create a bit of a cloudy effect. These did create a distraction. Yet these instances were pretty rare. So the picture does look amazing most of the time.

Ports, Sockets, and Connectivity

We already mentioned earlier this TV is great for gamers. As such, you will find three HDMI cables to connect multiple consoles.

You will also find two USB ports, a SCART socket, and a headphone socket. In other words, all the basics are here.


Are you looking for an amazing sound experience from your TV?

Sadly, you will not find that here. At the same time, the sound quality is not bad either. The DTS TruSurround combined with Dolby Audio create an acceptable audio quality. To help, we really would recommend a soundbar or another external sound source. But, at the same time, we have heard far worse from a 32-inch smart TV.


As with other TVs on our list, you won’t find any freakish or terrible measurements on this Toshiba TV. The device measures at 43.7 x 73. 5 x 9 cm. And at 5.85 KG, you won’t need to worry about damaging any stands. The TV is also mountable should you decide to forgo a stand.

Smart Features

Much like other devices on our list, this is a 32-inch Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi. This is great news since most streaming services are available here. Everything from Netflix and YouTube to BBC iPlayer presents itself in this TV’s apps.

If you enjoy updating your social media accounts, check out apps such as Facebook and Twitter. This TV will allow you to post status updates while watching your favourite programmes.

Perhaps the best smart feature of this TV includes the Toshiba Smart Portal interface. Everything is pretty easy to navigate. Even better, the design looks visually sleek and appealing.

Do you like sharing content from your phone? Then you will not want to overlook the Nero Smart Home features. This allows you to share anything from your PC, tablet, or mobile phone to your TV’s display. You can also screen share from your mobile device, which can be a fun and useful feature. Of course, if you like browsing the internet from your TV, this Toshiba model offers a full web browser.


Alright, here is the part we have all been waiting for—game mode.

This TV sets itself apart from others on our list with one of the best features for gaming on the market. The game mode only produces 33 ms of input lag, which is really good. This means once you push a button on the controller, you will see it on the TV almost immediately after. So, you will no longer need to worry about dropping one frame links in Street Fighter or missing that QTE. And if you do mess up, you know it won’t be a result of the TV.

Outside of game mode, this TV does offer some other useful options you will not want to overlook. For starters, the TV offers built-in Freeview Play and Freeview HD. This will allow you to receive basic programme information. You also have a guide. Sadly, the print is on the smaller side. Also, once you open the guide, you cannot listen to programmes in the background. As far as basic features go, you have parental locks, sleep timers, and miracast.


If you’re looking for a 32-inch 1080p TV with some great energy options, this Toshiba TV delivers. You will find an energy efficiency rating of an A+ here—which is amazing. When powered on the TV only consumes 31 W. In standby mode, you will only spend .5 W.

If this is not good enough for you, then take a look at eco mode. Here, your TV loses some brightness to gain 30% more energy efficiency. So, at the end of the day, this TV offers some of the best energy saving options on the market. Thus, if you are worried about your electric bill, note that this TV can shave some of the costs.


  • One of the best 32 inch TVs for gaming.
  • Sharp Picture.
  • Amazing energy efficiency options.


  • Dark colours do not always pop as they should.
  • Backlight clouding occasionally occurs.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best 32 inch TV for gaming on the market, the Toshiba 32L3753DB is a great option. You might find some annoyances with colour. But if you mostly use the TV for gaming, you will likely not notice many of the image issues. Top this with some stellar Smart TV features, and you are looking at one of the market’s best 1080p 32-inch TVs. Furthermore, this is easily the best 32-inch Full HD TV under £250 on the market.

5.Hisense 32-inch Widescreen Smart LED TV—Black

Have you ever thought the difference between a full HD TV and an HD ready TV seemed unnoticeable? If this is the case, you might be able to save some money by purchasing a lower resolution TV. In the case of the Hisense 32-inch LED TV, you might even find that the picture can still look great. Add to this some smart TV features, and you have one of the best budget options for a 32-inch TV.

Hisense H32M2600 32 Inch HD Ready Smart LED TV


Let’s get this out of the way now. This TV lacks full HD definition. At 1366 x 768 resolution, the TV will either upscale 480p SD videos or downscale 1080p videos.

But this is not a bad thing. Keep in mind that the picture still appears decent. Characters stand out amongst vibrant backgrounds. The only downside involves how the picture lacks the same “oomph” as 1080p TVs. At times, the picture does seem pixelated. But this is likely a cause of the TV’s lack of Full HD. Otherwise, the picture does look vividly bright and clear.

Also, note that Hisense ships its TV with 200 Hz. This rate allows motion to look great on this TV. You might notice some blurs, but nothing too distracting.

Ports, Slots, and Connectivity

You might be thinking a budget TV will skimp its ports and slots.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Hisense. Instead, you receive all the basics. For starters, the TV offers two HDMI slots. You will also receive a single USB port with video recording and playback supported. The lonely USB port seems out of place in a market where two USB ports have become a norm. But the record and playback features still work fine. So, considering the price, it’s not a terrible loss.

Hisense also offers a MHL port, a CI slot, a component input, an Ethernet slot, and a headphone slot. Yes, you might receive fewer amounts of each slot than with other TVs. But at this price, the existence of each slot is what is important.


Do you like saving money on your energy bills? Of course, you do! And this TV offers the exact tools to do that. First of all, the TV received an energy efficiency rating of A+. In fact, the TV only consumes 30 W of energy while powered on and .5W when in standby. These numbers rank well on our list. Therefore, this TV will cost slightly less to operate than other smart 32-inch TVs on our list.


The first thing you might notice is that this TV looks thicker than others. But note that the thickness will not hurt its functionality much. At 46.9 x 73.3 x 17.6 cm, you probably won’t encounter too many problems with finding a location to place it. At 5.8 kg, most stands will work. Of course, you can always mount the device to a 200 x 200 cm bracket.


Considering the price of this TV, we must say, the sound surprised us quite a bit. The Dolby Digital Nicam sound system created an audio experience that surpassed many of the 1080p 32-inch TVs on the market.

The midrange sounded great while harmonic distortions created a nice balance. Of course, other TVs can produce a better audio experience. If you want those levels, you can always purchase a separate soundbar. But, for enjoyable entertainment, you won’t need any external sound sources with this TV.

Smart Functions

Despite Hisense offering Smart features, some services are missing. In fact, Amazon, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 are all missing for some strange reason. Sure, Anyview Cast can work around the issue. But ios users are out of luck on this one.

However, after playing with the interface, we aren’t exactly sure how much use any Smart apps will receive. For example, the home screen looks basic with a simple row of apps. So, you would expect a smooth interface experience, right?

Wrong! Hisense offers one of the slowest and laggiest experiences of any TV on our list. Even switching between HDMI ports requires a lengthy amount of time. Launching apps takes even longer. The experience might not feel unbearably slow, but it is also far from anything great.

Even worse includes the TV’s lack of Bluetooth an integrated Bluetooth transmitter. Honestly, in today’s market, a Bluetooth transmitter almost seems like a basic function of a smart TV. But sadly, the feature is absent here.

Other Features

As far as basic TV features go, Hisense offers all you will need. A Freeview HD digital tuner allows you to catch up on basic programming. Meanwhile, sleep timer and parental control add some convenience to your TV. The TV also comes with a remote as expected. Sadly, the TV responds frustratingly slowly when using this remote.


The TV ships with a lengthy two-year warranty.


  • Decent image for price.
  • Good Sound Quality.
  • Affordable.


  • Slow interface.
  • Many Smart apps are missing.
  • Picture looks pixelated at times.

Final Thoughts

Hisense teaches us that a budget 32-inch TV is not a bad thing. In fact, this option is reliable for anyone who cares little about Smart features of a TV. If you plan to watch cable TV with some games and Blu-Rays on the side, then you might want to consider this Hisense option. Just remember that the user interface is slow when it comes to switching ports and opening apps.

6.Panasonic TX-32ES400B 32-Inch Widescreen 720p HD Ready Smart LED TV

With an incredible user interface and Smart features, this TV offers all one could need at a great price. But will its 720p resolution drag it down? Read our review to find out.

Panasonic TX32ES400B 32 Inch Smart Freeview Play HD Ready TV


So, we already know this TV only produces a 720p resolution. And sadly, HD ready TVs fit into an awkward spot in the market. They either upscale SD or downscale full HD. But even with this in mind, that doesn’t mean the picture looks bad.

With this Panasonic TV colours look nice, and contrast appears functional. As with other TVs on our list, this Panasonic model comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Overall, we noticed no major issues as far as motion blur is concerned. With a motion rate of 400 Hz, colours and major details remain intact, so by no means is this TV unviewable.

Not all is bad, as news tickers remain fully visible and readable. Also, you can alter white balances, which brings some crisp clarity to pictures.

Also helping the picture is Panasonic’s Adaptive Backlight Dimming technology. This feature produces some nice blacks in dark scenes. At the same time, the Adaptive Backlight Dimming creates some vibrant colours in bright scenes. We must say, bright scenes did pack quite the visual punch. This results from the technology analysing pictures to adjust to appropriate light levels, which ensures the best colours and lighting fill your TV’s display.

Ports and Sockets

We all like nice connectivity options. Thankfully, Panasonic offers us all the basics with this model.

The TV offers two USB ports with video recording and playback options. You will also find two HDMI sockets in the TV. This might seem a bit on the low side, but the option is still there nonetheless.

For more connection options, the TV offers a component socket, a composite socket, an optical connection, a headphone socket, an AV socket, and an Ethernet port for wired connections.


We’ll be honest—these speakers pleasantly surprised us.

Panasonic equips its TV with a DTS TruSurround audio processing system. The speakers are placed beneath the TV. But surprisingly, they produce decent sound. Volumes reach high levels, voices remain clear, and harmonic distortions sound balanced. With 10 x 2 watt RMS power output, these speakers emitted some clear sounds.

You will not need any external sound options with this TV. However, you can never go wrong with enhanced sound if you are willing to spend a few extra pounds for it.

Smart Features

By now, you already know to expect Wi-Fi with a Smart TV. Also much like others on our list, Panasonic offers a full web browser.

Here is where this 32-inch smart TV rises above the rest—it all starts with the user interface.

Panasonic offers the My Home Screen Experience. We must say, this is possibly the sleekest home screen we have seen on a TV of this size.

If you like personalization, look no further than this TV. Here you can set your favourite apps, channels, and programmes. Each user creates their own home screen, making this a great feature if multiple people are using this TV.

During our tests, the experience felt fast, fluid, and responsive. To make matters even better, all the apps you will ever need are included in this Smart TV. Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BBC News, BBC Sport, BBC iPlayer, etc. all appear here.

Other Features

As with other 32-inch TVs on our list, you will notice how Panasonic offers all the basic features you will ever need. A Freeview HD digital tuner will cover your TV needs with basic channels and information. Meanwhile, a sleep timer and parental controls allow some convenience if you ever need to censor certain channels or power off your TV at certain times.


With an energy efficiency rating of A, this TV will not cost you any excess funds on your next electric bill. In fact, the TV only consumes 39 watts when powered on. When off, the TV consumes .3 watts and .5 watts in standby.


Panasonic’s TV brings some nice measurements. At 44 x 73 x 7 cm, you will have no problems finding space for this TV. Even better, at 5.1 kg, the TV is pretty light, making it easy for placing and moving (when needed). If you decide to mount the TV, you will only need a 200 x 200 cm bracket.


  • Decent picture for a TV without full HD.
  • Great apps and Smart functions.
  • Good value for price.


  • Only two HDMI outputs.
  • Not full HD resolution.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best value 32-inch TV, you might have found it in the Panasonic TX-32ES400B. Try finding another TV in the same size and price ranch with such a sleek interface. Once you get past its HD ready resolution, this TV will entertain for countless hours.

Best 32 inch TV

Which is Best?

Keep in mind that this question lacks a simple answer. The best 32 inch TV will depend on your personal wants and needs.

If your sole concern is gaming, consider the Toshiba 32L3753DB. No other TV reduces game lag to the same extent. Of course, if you want a better picture for movies or cable TV, you can always consider the Samsung M5500.

If you’re looking for great quality across the board, the Sony Bravia will offer all you need. Few other pictures look quite this nice. The easy interface also works great for anyone.

Is money an issue? If you want a budget-friendly option, the Hisense 32 offers you all the greatness of a 32-inch TV at a great price.

And if you’re looking for a great overall value, consider the Panasonic TX-32ES400B. Few other TVs will ever offer you such a smooth user experience. Combine this with a decent sound, picture, and price, and you are looking at a great deal. And if you need an alternative to Panasonic, the LG 32LJ610V offers another great combination of picture and audio for a decent price.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide : How To Buy The Best 32 inch TV

We get it! You’re ready to check out some of the best 32 inch TVs on the market. But before we begin, we listed some of the most important details to consider before buying your TV. Thus, keep these features in mind when considering your budget and the specs you want.

Screen Resolutions

On the current market, you will find a few different numbers here. For the sake of 32-inch TVs, you will mostly look at 1080p and 720p.

In general, 1080p will produce a more clear and crisp picture. You will probably notice smaller details as well. But keep in mind that the details are pretty subtle here.

That does not mean you should neglect all 720p TVs. Keep in mind that the distance you sit from your TV will make a difference here. The further away you sit, the less you will notice HD details. For a 32-inch display, 6 feet is about the number where most people will not be able to see any significant differences. Your eyesight will also play a role here as well. But for the most part, consider how close to your TV you will sit.

Also, keep in mind that 720p displays are usually cheaper. So if you want a budget option, the lower resolution might be something to consider. Again, the differences are subtle. All you will likely notice are some more blurs and less crisp images on 720p TVs.

Refresh Rates

You know how sometimes you’ll see an object moving on a TV and the image seems to blur? This is a result of a refresh rate. This number will determine how choppy and blurry objects appear when in motion on your TV. Keep in mind that you will sometimes see this written as the motion rate.

This number is measured in Hertz. This number tells you the amount of times a picture refreshes on your screen. Generally speaking, you will want nothing under 60Hz. If you find something bigger, that is great. However, anything above 60 Hz is a rarity on a 32-inch screen.

Here’s another way to look at this. When you see a TV presenting a refresh rate of 60Hz, think of it as the TV creating 60 single pictures on the screen per second. This rate is about the maximum you can get on a 32-inch screen with the way HDTVs currently work.

Here is an important part, so pay if you were to take any notes, take them here: Watch out for the wording of refresh rates—companies will try to trick you here! When you see “effective” refresh rate, remember to reduce the number. So, if a TV says it has an “effective” refresh rate of 120 Hz, you are actually buying a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Response Time

This ties in closely with refresh rates. The difference here is that response times refer to colour–specifically how quickly the TVs pixels can change colour. You’ll want as much speed as possible here. The faster the TV’s response time, the clearer you will see movement on screen. This results in less motion blur.

Viewing Angles

The name says it all here. This describes how well the TV’s picture retains quality when viewed from different angles. You can even test this one yourself if the TV is powered on. Even better, this test is quite simple, so give it a try!

Start by pausing the TV–the best scenario here involves a bright and colourful picture amongst a dark background. Then you simply walk around the TV from opposite ends.

Here, you are trying to find the angles where colours lose their vivid nature. You also want to see where blacks begin to look grey. Lastly, see if you find any backlit clouds or haloes.

Note the angles at which these issues become evident. You can then place your seating accordingly. Oftentimes, manufacturers will even do the homework for you and list the optimal viewing angles.

Contrast Ratio

So, here’s a spec few people understand. Therefore, it’s not that important to buying a TV correct? The answer is a huge no! In fact, if you placed two TVs next to each other, the contrast ratio is probably the first thing you will notice.

In a nutshell, the contrast ratio refers to the differences between the brightest and darkest images a TV can create. So, think of it this way–the white/ black–this gives essentially gives you your contrast ratio.

If we’re measuring in foot-lamberts, think of a TV outputting 50 foot-lamberts on a white screen and .010 foot-lamberts for the TV’s black screen. In this case, you would have a contrast ratio of 5,000:1.

So, as you would expect, TV manufacturers found ways to convolute this method. Keep in mind that manufacturers use no standard for measurement. Thus, your best option involves reading reviews to get a good idea of a TV’s contrast quality.

HDMI and Ports

The rule here is simple. The more a TV presents, the better. Remember that you will connect most of your accessories to these. So plan accordingly to what you will need. For example, if you plan to connect a Roku, a PS4, and a soundbar, you will likely need 3 HDMI ports. Keep in mind that 3 HDMI ports are a good amount for a 32-inch TV. But you can also connect your accessories through component and composite cables in some instances. So check how your devices connect before making any huge decisions.

Screen Types

LED and LCD:

These two are your most common screens today. Our list consists of all LED displays. These work by light emitting diodes (LED) illuminating LCD screens. Some of these TVs will offer active dimming to light and dim specific parts of your TV for a great picture.

Note that pixels are not capable of fully turning black. So, we will inform you when they come close—this is quite the feat on an LCD screen.

Extra Features

Here is where the fun begins. The main focus here is the Smart features from Smart TVs. Keep in mind that all six of the TVs we reviewed for you today are Smart TVs.

If you plan to stream videos, you will want Wi-Fi connectivity—or Ethernet if you prefer wired connections. Some smart features will allow you play mobile-phone style games. So keep this in mind if you want some fun but do not want to invest in a gaming console.

Also, note that the Smart user interfaces will vary by TV. Some will offer a full home screen. Others present a basic bar on the bottom of the screen to find apps. Look at both styles to see which you will prefer.

Also, keep in mind that apps will vary to some extent. So, make sure the TV carries the services you want. Some examples include Pandora, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Of course, if you buy a TV without a supported service, you can always buy a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick to bypass the missing features.

Audio Quality

Keep in mind that small and flat TVs are notorious for producing poor sound quality. So, if a TV does create subpar sounds, consider investing in external sound options. Soundbars, headphones, and surround sound all work as great options.

Warranties and Extended Warranties

Warranties are nice to have in general. The reason is simple—parts go bad. Sometimes you buy a faulty TV and want your money back—or at least a repair.

Here’s the catch. Most of these faults are noticeable within the first 30-90 days. This means you will not likely need an extended warranty. In fact, very few people ever actually use these. By this point, the extended warranty is just a marketing technique for companies. So stick to the basic warranties. You will want some protection for when parts go bad or in the instance you buy a faulty TV.


Let’s just admit that 32-inch TVs are a great deal. They fit nicely into bedrooms, kitchens, and smaller living spaces. At the same time, they sell for lower prices while offering great picture and features.

But remember, you can find a plethora of TVs on the market. So don’t forget to take your time and consider your choice carefully. This TV will be your source of entertainment for the next few years. Therefore, you will want to ensure the TV carries all the features and picture quality that you want.

You are choosing this TV for your needs. So think about your options carefully. There might not be a wrong answer. But at the same time, the right choice exists for you. So choose the TV that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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